About Me

A Journey from Being an Asthmatic kid to a Mountainer

Grit, Determinations and will power can move

Once I was in College, I realized I needed to reduce my dependency on inhalers. I was also allergic to many foods which triggered asthma. I struggled for years, Continuously Challenging myself by not using the inhalers and by consuming more and more of those foods I was allergic to, without taking anti-allergic medicines.

I thought I would die …many a times

But I didn’t give up! I wanted to push limits to see how far I can go with it! Finally, with exercises, discipline, diet and some considerable will power & determination, I got rid of Asthma!

Today I have climbed 6 of the 7 highest mountains of each continent and aiming for Mt Vinson Massif...the highest mountain of Antarctica and the remotest mountain in the world.

Through my climbs, I want to inspire people ... to face their fear eye to eye and break free from the self limiting beliefs that cripples them. I want to instill confidence in millions of young people suffering from asthma about ridding themselves of the disease and leading a normal life.
Everything is possible if YOU believe it is possible.